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Full dentures fixed on implants

Denture Fixed on Implants – 5 Reasons Why Worth to Choose

5 Important facts to consider when you need a full denture fixed on implants

Denture fixed on implants is a substitute for your missing teeth. Dentures are custom made artificial teeth and gums made by the dentist and dental technician to replace the missing teeth. They are very important used to restore oral functions and appearance. Another word restore the chewing ability and the original face shape.

These days implant-supported dentures have become more worth choosing and a reliable option. They are the best option known today for permanent or removable replacement teeth to match the natural teeth. They greatly impact the ability to process the food as well. It also has an enormous impact on the overall health of the body through improved chewing ability, making digestion easier and faster.

But a lot of them prefer traditional dentures while considering the cost. Generally speaking, a denture made and fixed with the traditional method is a lot cheaper than dentures fixed on implants. Since full prosthesis on implants requires 8 to 10 pieces of immediate loading implants into the jaw. Other than the cost, they think, that traditional dentures are more reliable and safer.

Denture fixed on implants are worth to choose because of these facts:

  1. They provide excellent stability. As compared to the Traditional Dentures, implant-supported dentures are directly anchored into the jawbone. While the traditional denture is not that stable, it can shift out of the place, and so it becomes difficult to chew and speak. Whereas the denture fixed on implants stays firm at its place as they are anchored into the jawbone. A stable, non-moving denture provides greater and more secure stability.
  2. Dentures fixed on implants strengthens the jawbone and prevents bone loss. Dental Implants help to maintain its shape and strength. In addition to stability, stopping and / or significantly slowing down bone loss is extremely important. Whereas in traditional dentures, a regular adjustment almost always a requirement.
  3. Another important benefit os denture fixed on implants that It enhances the aesthetic appearance of the face. This solution is substantial, tough, secure, and proven. They feel just like natural teeth as they are secured into the jaw bone and so become permanent. They highly boost confidence and make the smile look much natural.
  4. Denture fixed on implants eliminates any kind of discomfort. As these implants for dentures are secured in place into the jawbone, and so it can feel and look like an original denture. The nearby teeth are not altered to support the implant, improving oral health. The feeling that you have regained your original dentures is a very pleasant, reassuring feeling.
  5. Once your professionally prepared denture fixed on implants is done, you could forget about dental treatments for many, many years to come. All you have to do is check-up every six months or so.

So, if you are tired of being uncomfortable having a never enough fixed denture that only partially good for chewing, then denture fixed on implants is worth the choice even it cost more.

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