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Dental implant-based dentures - is it suitable for seniors?

Dental implant-based dentures – is it suitable for seniors?

Complete dental implant-based dentures fixed on immediate loading implants

Complete tooth loss affects the individual’s ability to perform two essential tasks: properly speaking and eating. Since both activities are vital to humans, our teeth must be okay. It further affects the well-being of a person, especially when considering elders and compensating for the deficiencies. We usually seek a promising solution like dental implant-based dentures to restore the proper oral functionality. Learn more about dental implant-based dentures on immediate loading implants, absolutely recommended for senior citizens.

Complete dentures on implants (immediate loading implants) are certainly life-changing among all the therapeutic procedures. They are broadly recommended for people who don’t have any teeth left in their jaw. Compared to traditional denture treatment, which can be uncomfortable and lose fitting, dental implant-based dentures offer far better esthetic and oral function results.

How complete denture gains an edge over a traditional denture?  
Complete dental implant-based dentures are the perfect alternative to the conventional denture in terms of support, retention, and stability. A prosthesis gives you the needed force for practical biting and chewing and aims to improve speech, teeth function, and emotional well-being. It gives them their lost smile and improves their quality of life for elders.

We know that dental implant-based dentures are the most efficient and cost-effective restorative procedure. And its primary benefit is that patients enjoy a stable-retentive prosthesis that sticks at one place and doesn’t move around in the mouth. Other than all these, a complete denture fixed on immediate loading implants is different from a denture fixed on traditional two-phase implants.

How does the procedure begin?
It begins with careful diagnosis and case planning, where our doctors will get a thorough analysis of your mouth condition and then prescribe you a viable restorative procedure. Individual oral needs also determine the number of implants. Sometimes more miniature implant is enough to establish prosthetic stability, while a more significant person with a heavier jaw might require more implants for outstanding strength and function. Once the dental implant-based dentures are in the palace, the patient begins with a restorative phase where prosthetic design is determined and then implemented onto the implant. In the end, you get a denture with better function and stability.

If you still thinking if dental implant-based dentures are suitable for you or not? Implants for senior citizens are one of the best solutions. This age group is most likely to develop a bone deficiency and can also use this method in this case. If you are unsure about the best healthy choices, then it’s time you consult with our expert today. Contact us or browse our website for more information.

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