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Dental implant-based dentures - is it suitable for seniors?

Dental implant-based dentures – is it suitable for seniors?

Complete dental implant-based dentures fixed on immediate loading implants

The complete loss of teeth negatively affects two essential functions. These are speech and eating. Since both activities are vital for humans, toothlessness has a significant negative impact on the quality of life. It is especially true in older age. It is, therefore, essential to replace missing teeth. There are several options for this. One, the more widespread, is the traditional dental prosthesis, the other, which is much more promising, is the dental implant-based dentures. The one-phase implant-based denture is the best possibility to restore proper oral function. In this article, we deal with the latter in more detail because denture with a one-phase dental implant is especially recommended for the elderly.

Dental implant-based dentures with immediate loading implant mean a significant positive change in the quality of life. Artificial dentures made traditionally are often uncomfortable and unstable and require regular gluing. Dentures based on dental implants are much more aesthetic and function incomparably better. We recommend this solution mainly to those who are completely edentulous or have no teeth suitable for dental care.

Complete dental implant-based dentures are a perfect alternative to traditional dentures in all respects. These dentures are a practical and cost-effective restorative procedure. Its primary advantage is that when using such dentures, the patient has the feeling of having his teeth back.

How is dental implant-based denture treatment performed?
Oral rehabilitation with a one-phase implant occurs in two steps. In the first part, the implantation of immediate loading implants and the preparation of the long-term temporary denture take place, and in the second part, the preparation of the permanent denture(s).

First time
– Free, personal consultation with the implantologist performing the implantation.
– CT and panoramic x-rays.
– Detailed examination of the oral cavity, particularly concerning the condition of the bones and gums.
– Consultation with the anesthetist before general anesthesia.
– General anesthesia.
– Removal of teeth unsuitable for prosthetic treatment.
– Preparation of the required number of one-phase implants for implantation.
– Implantation of the required number of one-phase implants.
– Sampling for long-term temporary denture(s).
– Preparation of long-term temporary dentures or dentures.
– Fixation of the long-term temporary denture or dentures on the implants. The dentures are fixed and not removable by the patient.
– The necessary control tests.

It is necessary to wait approximately six months between the first and the second visit, but we recommend having the permanent denture(s) made within a year.

Second occasion
– Free personal consultation with the implantologist who performed the implant placement.
– Panoramic X-ray recording.
– Thorough examination of the oral cavity, particularly regarding the condition of the implants.
– Sampling for the permanent denture.
– Preparation of permanent porcelain dentures or dentures. The permanent denture is fixed and not removable by the patient, similar to the long-term temporary denture.
– The necessary control tests.

If you are still wondering whether dental implant-based dentures are right for you, our answer is yes, implant-based dentures are especially beneficial for the older age group. Moreover, whoever can afford it is the best option. Bone deficiency is most likely to develop in this age group, and the one-phase implant is usable in this case too.

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