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Appointment for Dental Implantation at iliDent Patient Coordinator Center

Appointment for Dental Implantation at iliDent Patient Coordinator Center

There are several ways to make an appointment for a dental implantation

Perhaps we should start with agreeing that an appointment is needed not only for dental implantation but also for any other treatment that is widely known and accepted in health care. You can currently request an appointment for two dental offices in Budapest, both of which are located in the central part of the city. One is in District 5, where the main profile is dentures fixed on one-phase implants. The other one is in District 1, their main profile also the immediate loading implants, but any other dental treatments are possible! This will be discussed later, but we want to mention that an online appointment for dental implantation is possible here.

The iliDent Patient Coordination Center is committed to providing quality customer service to patients applying for dental treatment. Currently, you can request an appointment for two dentists in Budapest. One is on the Buda side, the other is the Pest side, both are within easy reach of the central part of the city. The dental office located in district 5 specializes in dentures fixed on one-phase implants. The main profile of dentistry in District 1 is dental implantation but any other dental treatment is possible here!

Appointment options
Whatever the dental treatment, the iliDent Patient Coordinator Center provides a number of contact options to make contacting us as easy as possible. Online appointment booking is the most recommended. There is also a possible appointment for dental implantation through the phone number 30 298 2939 and various applications.

Appointment request for dental implantation or other dental treatment online
The most recommended method of appointment request is doing it online since this option is available 24 hours a day. The form on the page is easy to fill out also any image such as an x-ray can be uploaded. You also have the opportunity to tell in your own words what kind of dental problems you have and what kind of dental treatment you would like to request an appointment for. We guarantee that we will contact you within a few hours during the daytime, but no later than 24 hours.

Request an appointment on the FREE QUOTE page
This appointment option is slightly different from the previous one, as it offers expanded options for those interested. In addition to the usual data, here you can select the specific dental treatment you want to request a quote for. If the desired treatment cannot be selected, the OTHER option must be checked and described in the Message field.

Requests for quotations are only possible on the basis of a recent panoramic X-ray. It should also be noted that the price given in this way can only be approximate because the exact determination of the oral cavity, bones, and teeth can only be truly correct during a personal consultation. However, it is a good thing o get an approximate price about the expected cost of the treatment required.

Appointment for dental implantation by phone
Our staff is waiting for patients to apply between 08:00 in the morning and 16:00 in the afternoon. During communication, they answer any questions that arise. The condition of the treatment is the registration, which can take place on the already mentioned online interfaces, or on the telephone number 30 298 2939. Although our main profile is dental implantation, of course, you can apply for any other dental treatment.

If for some reason we cannot take your call, we will call you back for sure in the daytime, between 08:00 and 16:00 local time.

Contact us thru applications
We are currently available through the following well-known apps: Facebook, Viber, Messenger, and WhatsApp. These apps are primarily used for contacting us, but it is even possible to register by calling us at the telephone number provided. This option is very popular because it can happen completely at any time.

Appointment by SmatsUpp
The iliDent Patient Coordinator Center is available through another communication interface, and this is SmatsUpp. This application can be launched by clicking on the orange Chat icon in the lower-left corner of the pages of the website. We took this option separately because, if we are not currently online, we can only answer the questions asked if the visitor provides their phone number or eMail address. This is indicated by an automatic message.

What dental treatments do we offer?
It has already been said that the main profile of the dentists we recommend is dentures that fixed on implants, especially with one-phase, immediate loading implants. However, dentures made with conventional two-phase implants are also available. In addition to implants, the District 1 clinic also performs traditional dental treatments, including aesthetic dentistry.

We consider it important to mention that the institutions we recommend use only high-quality, original Swiss implants and the tools needed for implantation. The implants are made of high-purity titanium alloy and the one-phase ones, regardless of their shape, consist of a single piece. The latter fact makes them easier to use and also safer and cheaper than the traditional two-phase implants.

As you can see, there are many ways to contact us if someone has found us on the Internet, or is already familiar with the iliDent Patient Coordinator Center. Appointment for dental implantation is not the only one of the recommended treatments including aesthetic dentistry. Our staff will do their best to make patients satisfied with our service.

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