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One-phase implant-based fixed denture in general anesthesia

One-phase implant-based fixed denture in general anesthesia

Learn more about one-phase implant-based fixed denture

The advanced immediate loading implant implantation technique enables the one-phase implant-based fixed denture (oral rehabilitation) to be complete in just one week. Who would have thought that implant-based tooth replacement, which we complete in 5 working days, would be the most popular option for those who do not have teeth suitable for prosthetic treatment and can financially afford this type of treatment?

Two families of implants have spread in Hungary. One is the traditional two-phase implant that has existed for almost 50 years, and the other is the newer, one-phase implant that is loadable immediately after implantation. It is no coincidence that we work almost exclusively with the latter implant, as it has countless positive features compared to the two-phase one. These favorable properties are particularly effective in the case of a one-phase implant-based fixed denture. We are not saying that the two-phase implant is unsuitable, but the one-phase implant is much better.

For a better understanding, let’s clarify some basic concepts. Let’s start with the one-phase indicator. A one-phase implant means that it is implantable in a single phase. Our specialty is a one-phase implant-based fixed denture. The implantation takes a few hours and is performed under anesthesia for a complete set of teeth.

Fixed dentures mean that the implantologist attaches the dentures to the implants with a unique adhesive. That also means that the patient cannot remove it. It is cared for in the same way as natural teeth. Care must ensure that no food remains between the teeth or dentures and the gums, as this can cause gingivitis.

A one-phase implant-based fixed denture is created within the framework of oral rehabilitation, so the entire upper or lower jaw bone is affected. We recommend it for those who do not have teeth suitable for prosthetic treatment or have a few more but are not perfectly healthy. Such teeth are not worth keeping and treating from a health or financial point of view either.

We can confidently say that the one-phase implant-based fixed denture is the perfect dental replacement solution today. It provides remarkable comfort, predictable safety, and an outstanding aesthetic appearance. Please see the Before and After pictures on our website. All were one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitations, which were performed under anesthesia. The differences are clear and very convincing.

Below we briefly summarize why we are exceptionally good at one-phase implant-based fixed denture oral rehabilitation treatment.

Perfect work organization and cooperation
Good organization and harmonious cooperation are necessary for oral rehabilitation to take place in five working days. The team managed by the implantologist works together based on a well-thought-out routine and practice acquired over the years. Part of the one-phase implant-based fixed denture implant is implanted under anesthesia, so external colleagues must be involved in the organization, and they must also be consulted.

The dental technicians and assistants’ team organizes, organizes, and performs the task precisely. The procedure is the most innovative and safe restorative technology for full-mouth rehabilitation, even in the case of minor bone deficiency.

High-quality, reliable implants
High-quality material has always been a notable mark of professional quality work. Our immediate loading implant specialists are committed to impeccable work and first-class materials. For this, we use Swiss IHDE type one-phase immediate loading implants. We offer a lifetime guarantee for the implants we implant.

Qualified, experienced implantologist and assistant
Our leading implantologist has several decades of knowledge and domestic and international experience. The same applies to specialist assistants trained in implant placement. The basis and guarantee of our high success rate is teamwork based on knowledge, practical experience, and discipline.

The one-phase implant-based fixed denture is an excellent choice for those who need full mouth rehabilitation and want a natural appearance and a perfect result. We are capable of this in every way. We offer a double guarantee for our patients, i.e., we guarantee not only the implanted implants but also the work performed.

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