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Implantologist Specialist - Complete Denture In 3-5 Days with One-Phase Implants

Implantologist Specialist – Complete Denture In 3-5 Days with One-Phase Implants

The guarantee of a successful implant-based denture is a one-phase Implantologist specialist

For those who might not know, it should be clarified at the outset that one-phase implants and immediate loading implants are the same. Both can be loaded immediately. The name of this type of implant is also about its two most important features, ie., it can be implanted in one single-phase and can be loaded immediately after implantation. Not to be confused with the traditional two-phase implant, which gets its name from the fact that it is implanted in two phases. Whatever the kind the implant is, the key to success is not just the quality of the implant, because the knowledge and practice of the Implantologist specialist are at least as important.

There are two key players in the success of dental implants. One is the implant itself, the other is the oral surgeon who implants it and makes the new denture. This statement is also proved by practice since in vain one uses high-quality implants, if he is not a master of his profession, he does not know all the ins and outs of it. In order for someone to truly become an implant specialist, it takes years and decades of knowledge and practice in implantology. On the other hand, if someone is perfectly at home in implantology, but the assistant or dental technician who works with them and/or the implant used is not perfect for the task at hand, success may become questionable. Let’s talk about implants first.

Dental implants
Based on the experience of the last decades, we can say that the dental implant can perfectly replace the natural tooth root! The implants and the implantation technology have evolved tremendously and have now reached near-perfect levels. The only reason dentures fixed on implants have not become even more widespread is that they have cost much. Their price is many times higher than the prostheses fixed in the traditional way. This is primarily and above all due to the high cost of implants made of high-purity titanium alloy.

There are basically two types of implants. One is the so-called conventional two-phase, the other is the single-phase, immediately loadable implant. Both serve the same purpose, yet there are great differences between them. One of the characteristics of an Implantologist specialist is that he is well acquainted with both types of implants and has practiced in their implantation. It is common that one implantologist to be an expert in conventional implants and another for single-phase ones, but an implant specialist is an expert in both types of implants! When thinking about dental implants, choose an implantologist who is known and recognized in the implant of your choice and implantology.

Implant specialist
Whatever super solution the dental implant is, its benefits can really be reaped when it is implanted in the jawbone by a proper professional. By this, we mean that an implantologist oral surgeon who knows everything about implants, both in theory and in practice. He knows exactly the different implant types, their characteristics, and properties. You know exactly in which situation which type of implant is recommended to be used. He knows all the possibilities that can be considered in a given situation so that the patient can get the best possible denture solution. One of the most important characteristics of an Implantologist specialist a perfect knowledge of materials, which means she or he knows everything there is to know about dental implants.

Perfect knowledge of the dental implants that can be used is necessary, but not enough, for someone to become a specialist in implantology. In larger dentistry, it is common for an oral surgeon who specializes in implantology not to perform general dental treatments. It specializes virtually exclusively in implantation, which, given the complexity of implantation and the need for a high level of knowledge and experience, is completely natural. Specialists specializing in implantology do not really perform traditional oral surgery procedures, such as resection. All this is understandable, as implanting dental implants requires a lot of attention, knowledge, and practical experience.

What are the other conditions for implantologist specialist status?
There are individual-dependent and independent conditions. The first important condition characteristic of an individual is suitability. Whatever we mean by this, every implantologist has this ability. Vocation is not an explicitly professional, but also an important condition. If one is not committed to its profession, one cannot excel in it, because one of the conditions for excellence is commitment. The third important condition is expertise, which in practice means that you need to know literally everything about implants and implantation. The basis of a high degree of expertise and knowledge is the experience gained during many years of work.

Conditions independent of the individual are also very important. One cannot become a specialist if the environment that serves him or her is not suitable for this. Of these, it is important to highlight the assistant and the dental technician. Both need to be excellent professionals because this is the only way an implantologist can be an implantologist specialist in their field! The technical conditions should also be mentioned. The machines and devices that are needed for implant implantation, which can also affect quality. In addition, there are other conditions, but the ones mentioned are the most important.

As we have seen, there are a number of conditions for someone to become an implantologist specialist. We have described the most important conditions, but we will mention two more. One of them is logistics, the other is its own dental laboratory, the latter of which usually possessed by larger dental clinics. This paper is intended to help those who need dentures fixed on implants and would like this intervention to be performed by an implant specialist. The implantologists of the iliDent Patient Coordinator meet all the conditions and requirements, set out in this article!

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