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Virus-Free Dental Treatment - Dentures with One-phase Implants

Virus-Free Dental Treatment – Dentures with One-phase Implants

In the current epidemiological situation, the importance of virus-free dental treatment has increased

No matter how we judge the current situation, we all agree that we have been living in unfortunately difficult times for some time. The restrictive measures taken by the authorities due to the epidemic situation make our lives extremely difficult. We are banned from many activities that are a natural part of normal life, such as free movement, attending events, theater, cinema, going to restaurants, and so on. However, there are needs that still need to work, such as transportation, the economy, health care, and so on. This paper will be about one of the latter segments, dental care. This is because we believe that virus-free dental treatment is a basic requirement for patients.

The purpose of this writing
Regarding the Covid-19 epidemic, it is sometimes said in various media that this type of virus is no more dangerous than traditional influenza viruses. Whether this is really the case or not, is not up to us. However, everyone can expect patients to be received in sterile conditions where they can feel safe and confident that they will not become infected. In health care facilities, including dentists, hygiene expectations are high even in normal situations, which have only become even higher due to the epidemic.

The undisguised purpose of this article is to reassure a patient seeking dental treatment that there is less than one percent chance of becoming infected during a virus-free dental treatment. You can also be sure that the dentists recommended by the Patient Coordinator Center are waiting for their patients and working in perfect hygienic conditions, in a complete virus- and microbial-free environment, in virus-free purity. From this point of view, it does not matter whether it is an aesthetic dental treatment or the production of a complete denture fixed on one-phase implants.

Additional measures due to Covid-19 in dental practices
Due to the epidemic, the already strict hygiene standards for health care facilities have been further tightened. An important element of this is that medical staff, doctors, assistants, and other staff working in the clinic are regularly tested to see if they are infected. Although dental treatment is done in protective clothing, which makes it almost impossible for a patient to become infected, it is nevertheless important that staff be infection-free.

Regardless of the treatment, complete disinfection is performed upon completion. This applies to all devices involved or used during treatment, whatever it was! An additional condition for virus-free dental treatment is the complete disinfection of furniture, counters, shelves, and the dental chair and its surroundings. Disinfection after treatments can take up to half an hour, which should be taken into consideration at the time of giving an appointment.

Depending on the ordering time, other dental rooms such as the foyer, waiting room, washroom, counters, chairs, flooring, and so on should be cleaned and disinfected several times a day. As pre-testing is not a prerequisite for treatment, it is recommended that the patient be considered a potential infection as a precaution. Consequently, all precautions should be taken to prevent the possible spread of infection. One element of this protection is the incoming patient with a plastic protective slipper that can be pulled over his or her footwear.

How the patient can reduce the risk of infection
It has been shown from the above that dentists do their best to provide an infection-free, safe environment for the dental treatment of their patients. People who come for treatment can also do their part, for virus-free dental treatment. First and foremost, they only sign up for dental treatment if they feel healthy! While the complaint-free condition doesn’t mean they can’t be infected, they’re more likely to be non-virus hosts. Anyone who is not feeling well has flu-like complaints and it is not absolutely necessary to only go to the dentist when they already free of complaints.

There are two important messages to what has been described. One is that the dentists recommended by the Patient Coordinator are perfectly provided with virus-free dental treatment, including the Covid-19 virus! So, no one has to worry about getting infected during dental treatment, whatever it is. The other important message is that anyone with flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, limb pain should only go to the dentistry in urgent cases.

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