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One-phase immediate loading implant frequently asked questions

One-phase immediate loading implant frequently asked questions

Learn more about the one-phase immediate loading dental implant


No matter how strange it sounds, our teeth are one of our most important “organs” since healthy teeth are a prerequisite for general health. Therefore, taking care of our teeth is our fundamental interest and duty. Consequently, neglecting our teeth is one of the worst things we can do to our health. Practice shows that despite all warnings, many people do not pay enough attention to their teeth, so tooth loss occurs relatively quickly. There is only one remedy for this, tooth replacement, of which several forms are known. One of the most innovative is the implantation of a one-phase immediate loading implant, and the denture fixed on such an implant. In the following, we list the most common questions that arise in connection with this topic.

Why is a dental implant the best tooth replacement solution?
That is a question that the opinion of our conservative dentist must first and foremost decide. It is the case even if your dentist – most likely – does not deal with this type of dental restoration. We can therefore get the information necessary for a decision from our dentist and from people living in our immediate environment when we hear opinions based on our own experience. And last but not least, we can find much helpful information on the Internet.

How can I find the best oral surgeon with one-phase implantology?
After we have decided that dental implant replacement is the best solution for us, the first question is how to find the best oral implantologist surgeon. We are looking for a specialist who is the best in this field in terms of knowledge and practical experience. First, our dentist must also seek the answer to this question. They can likely recommend someone we can contact or someone else who knows someone like that. Nowadays, the other undeniable possibility is the Internet, where you can find several dentists who deal with one-phase immediate loading implant-based dental restorations by using the right keywords.

Choosing is not an easy task, or perhaps it is the most difficult. Since it is about your health and relatively expensive intervention, it is essential to be careful when choosing. As is usually the case in other areas, persistent and consistent search and research between institutions offering this type of treatment and oral surgeons are also crucial in the case of one-phase implant-based dentures. Look at Facebook pages, read reviews, and, if possible, talk to people who have been treated by the oral surgeon you want to choose. When writing this article, relatively few people still recommend one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation with immediate loading implant, which does not make our task any easier.

What exactly is a one-phase immediate loading implant?
The dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of high-quality titanium alloy. Currently, there are two most common methods of tooth replacement with dental implants: the traditional two-phase and the latest, one-phase, immediate loading implant. There is a good comparison table on our website, from which we can learn the most important differences between the two implants. This and practical experience show that using a one-phase implant has definite advantages, which is why many people choose it.

How long does one-phase implant tooth replacement take?
As incredible as it sounds, tooth replacement using a one-phase immediate loading implant is complete in as little as five working days in the case of full mouth rehabilitation (lower and upper jaw)! We perform oral restoration of the lower or upper jaw almost exclusively under general anesthesia. The treatment consists of two parts.

First time
The implant-based oral rehabilitation package includes the following:
– Personal consultation with the implantologist oral surgeon.
– Panoramic X-ray and CT scan.
– Detailed examination of the oral cavity, with particular regard to the condition of the dental bone.
– Removal of teeth unsuitable for dental treatment.
– Preparation of the necessary number of one-phase dental implants for implantation.
– Consultation with the anesthetist.
– General anesthesia with an external anesthesiologist.
– Implantation of the required number of implants in the upper or lower jawbone.
– Creation of long-term temporary denture on the upper or lower jawbone.
– Control tests as needed.

Second occasion
The package includes the following:
– Personal consultation with the oral surgeon performed the implant placement.
– Taking a panoramic X-ray.
– A thorough examination of the oral cavity, particularly regarding the condition of the implants.
– Preparation of the final permanent porcelain denture on the upper or lower jawbone.
– Required number of control examinations.

Above, we briefly summarized the essential features of the one-phase immediate loading implant. We learned that the other most common implantation method is the traditional, two-phase implant, compared to which the immediate loading implant has definite advantages. These advantages are primarily shown in the short implementation time and the fact that this method can also be usable for patients with severe bone deficiency.

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