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Immediate Loading Implants - What Does it Exactly Mean?

Immediate Loading Implants – What Does it Exactly Mean?

Why immediate loading implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth

Tooth replacement is the second most common dental treatment. It can mean the replacement of a single tooth, the replacement of several adjacent teeth, so-called a bridge, and ultimately a complete denture for the upper or lower jaw, and even a complete oral rehabilitation. Dentures can be done in a conventional method and using dental implants. In the latter case, two more solutions are possible. In one case, conventional two-phase implants are used, in the other, one–phase, immediate loading implants.

First, let’s say a few words about what a dental implant is. It is an artificial tooth root made of a high purity titanium alloy that can perfectly replace the original tooth root. It is accepted by the body without side effects, and over time, the implants become part of the jawbone, so to speak, it becomes ossified. In other words, experiments with this showed that the ability of dental implants to retain and fix their teeth corresponds to that of a healthy, original tooth root!

As mentioned in the introduction, one-phase immediate loading implants are the latest type of dental implant that is worth comparing to the traditional two-phase implant. Although both serve the same purpose, as an artificial tooth root to provide a stable base for tooth replacement, there are quite important differences between the two types of implants. In this article, we focus on the benefits of one-phase implants.

One-phase implantation
As the name implies, this means that the implantation takes place in a single phase. In contrast, implantation of two-phase implants occurs in two different phases, 3-6 months between phases. This fact is of great importance in several respects:

FASTER – Once the one-phase implants are implanted, the denture process itself is dramatically reduced. The implantation process takes one or two hours, depending on the number of implants that need to be implanted. With implantation, the implants are able to receive the crown, bridge, or entire denture immediately.

SIMPLER SURGERY – Unlike the two-phase method, one-phase implants do not require an incision of the entire gum to allow implants to be implanted to access the dentition. During the much simpler and quicker implantation, the implants are screwed through the gum into a tiny hole drilled in the tooth bone so that the screw-thread is intersected by the implant itself. This also means that the implants are very accurately and firmly attached to the jawbone.

Can be loaded immediately
Immediate loading implants have an outstandingly good feature. In addition to easy and quick implantation, another huge advantage is that one-phase implants can be loaded immediately! This means that the crown, bridge, or denture can be placed on it within a day or two of implantation. After a few days of healing and short habituation time, the denture made in this way can be used as if you had your own teeth again. The denture made at this time is called a long-term temporary denture, which is recommended to be replaced with a permanent denture in 6-7 months. You can read about why you need a permanent temporary denture in this section.

It can also be used in case of bone deficiency
And it’s still not over! one-phase implants, unlike two-phase implants, can also be used when the patient has significant bone deficiency and the conventional implant is out of the question. Especially in old age, it is common for the bones to be insufficient and of inadequate quality. In most cases, no bone replacement is required because immediate loading implants are designed to provide secure attachment to the crown, bridge, or denture in such cases as well.

Last but not least, let me mention an important benefit of immediate loading implants and even that, unlike a 3-piece two-phase implant, it consists of a single databank. There is a myriad of benefits to mention just a few: easier surgery, cheaper, quicker to the implant, and so on. In the above, we have briefly introduced the one-phase implant, and we have learned about its most important advantages over other implants. We can state that this type of implant and implantation method is the best solution known today.

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