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Immediate loading implants - Learn more about them

Immediate loading implants – Learn more about them

The immediate loading implants are the ultimate teeth replacement solution

Dentures are possible in a conventional method and using dental implants. Tooth replacement is the second most common dental treatment. It can mean the replacement of a single tooth, replacing several adjacent teeth, so-called a bridge, and ultimately a complete denture for the upper or lower jaw, called one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation. In the latter case, two more solutions are possible. In one case are traditional two-phase implants, and in the other, one-phase, immediate loading implants.

First, let’s say a few words about a dental implant. It is an artificial tooth root made of a high-purity titanium alloy that can perfectly replace the original tooth root. The body accepts it without side effects, and over time, the implants become part of the jawbone; so to speak, it becomes ossified. In other words, experiments with this showed that the ability of dental implants to retain and fix their teeth corresponds to that of a healthy, original tooth root!

As mentioned in the introduction, one-phase immediate loading implants are the latest dental implant worth comparing to the traditional two-phase implant. Although both serve the same purpose, as an artificial tooth root to provide a stable base for tooth replacement, there are significant differences between the two types of implants. In this article, we focus on the benefits of one-phase implants.

Benefits of one-phase immediate loading implants

  • A one-phase implant is implantable in a single phase. Consequently, the implantation of an implant is a single intervention. The two-phase implantation takes two stages.
  • The one-phase implant can be loaded immediately. That means, among other things, that the long-term temporary denture made after implant placement attachable to the implants. That is not the case with two-phase.
  • A one-phase implant consists of a single piece. It makes implantation easier, and the time spent on implantation is reduced.
  • Two-phase is not. The one-phase implant can be implanted not only in the tooth bone but also in the jaw bone. This type of implant is also implantable in case of bone deficiency.

For the reasons listed, using a one-phase implant most likely makes bone replacement unnecessary. As you saw, there are many benefits of immediate loading implants. We have briefly introduced the one-phase implant above and learned about its most important advantages over other implants. We should say that this type of implant and implantation method is the best solution known today.

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