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Immediate loading implant-based denture vs. Conventional denture

Immediate loading implant-based denture vs. Conventional denture

For sure, immediate loading implant-based denture is the better solution

There are several ways to replace missing teeth, and which one the dentist recommends based on the circumstances. From a professional point of view, there are two main methods. One is the conventional prosthesis the patient needs to glue more than once daily, and the other is an immediate loading implant-based denture. There are two different implant families; one is the two-phase implant, and the other is the one-phase implant. The latter, also known as immediate loading implants, is the ideal solution, especially in the case of complete oral rehabilitation. This article will discuss one of the most up-to-date solutions, explaining why a one-phase implant is what you should choose.

Almost half of the over-50s wear dentures in the form of a partial or complete denture. Many people are ashamed and perhaps consider it terrible to lose their teeth, although a well-made, stable, and aesthetic denture cannot distinguish one’s teeth. Therefore, we do not have to worry that everyone is watching our teeth while talking and smiling. It is also important to note that denture does not decay, does not cause root inflammation, does not cause pain, and is usually much less problematic than our teeth.

Common problems with conventional dentures
Do you have a removable denture that has been unstable for a long time, and you need to use more and more denture adhesives to keep it stable? Denture wearers are aware of the inconvenience of a removable denture. Even if the denture is relatively stable when finished, it quickly loosens during use and constantly loses its stability. Very often, at the most unexpected moments of life, it can put us in an awkward situation, disturbing chewing, taste perception, and even falling out. The denture covering the entire palate is uncomfortable, even if it is stable.

The most common problems caused by loose conventional dentures

  • Gums rubbed, swollen, with painful inflammation,
  • Impaired taste perception,
  • Digestive complaints due to insufficiently chewed food
  • Regular trapped food remains,
  • It is impossible to consume harder, crunchy foods,
  • Changed voice training and speech,
  • Lack of self-confidence in private and business life,
  • Constant feelings of shame and anxiety.
  • None of the problems listed exist for immediate loading implant-based denture.

There is a solution!
It is immediate loading implant-based denture,  oral rehabilitation for the lower or upper, or both jaws, under general anesthesia.  The implants take a few hours, and the long-term temporary denture is ready and installed in 4-5 working days. That is a perfect solution both functionally and aesthetically. Knowing that this solution is only possible with immediate loading implants is essential. It should note that this method is also a solution for those who suffer from a significant bone deficiency. The denture fixed on implants is completed within 4-5 working days.

Advantages of immediate loading implant-based denture over a removable denture

  • The implants are screwed into the hole drilled in the jawbone so that the attached dentures remain stable and free of displacement.
  • It provides perfect chewing and biting force while keeping your dentures stable.
  • A denture fixed on immediate loading implants has almost the same chewing efficiency as your healthy teeth, so digestion difficulty is avoidable due to poorly chewed food.
  • It does not cause proper formation and articulation problems, so the speech and the smile become natural.
  • Immediately loadable implants hold dentures that do not move, do not damage the mouth and gums mucosa, and are completely stable.
  • The user of such a denture forgets that they have a denture that is so light, comfortable, reliable, and stable to wear.
  • The immediate loading implants do not need a replacement; they remain with proper oral hygiene and constant monitoring for a lifetime.
  • It’s done very quickly; implantation in general anesthesia takes a few hours, and long-term temporary dentures take a few days.

The process of denture fixed on immediate loading implants
Oral rehabilitation with a one-phase implant occurs in two steps. In the first part, the implantation of immediate loading implants and the preparation of the long-term temporary denture take place, and in the second part, the preparation of the permanent denture(s).
First time
– Free, personal consultation with the implantologist performing the implantation.
– CT and panoramic x-rays.
– Detailed examination of the oral cavity, particularly concerning the condition of the bones and gums.
– Consultation with the anesthetist before general anesthesia.
– General anesthesia.
– Removal of teeth unsuitable for prosthetic treatment.
– Preparation of the required number of one-phase implants for implantation.
– Implantation of the required number of one-phase implants.
– Sampling for long-term temporary denture(s).
– Preparation of long-term temporary denture or dentures.
– Fixation of the long-term temporary denture or dentures on the implants. The dentures are fixed and not removable by the patient.
– The necessary control tests.

It is necessary to wait approximately six months between the first and the second visit, but we recommend to have made the permanent denture(s) within a year.

Second occasion
– Free personal consultation with the implantologist who performed the implant placement.
– Panoramic X-ray recording.
– Thorough examination of the oral cavity, particularly regarding the condition of the implants.
– Sampling for the permanent denture.
– Preparation of permanent porcelain denture or dentures. The permanent denture is fixed and not removable by the patient, similar to the long-term temporary denture.
– The necessary control tests.

Who can have dentures fixed on immediate loading implants?
Anyone whose own teeth are already unsuitable for chewing, biting, or have lost them. In our experience, 99% of patients can have fixed dentures fixed on one-phase implants. As we have seen, immediate loading implant-based denture offers the most in the case of missing teeth. It gives the impression of a natural denture, appearance, and function. It provides perfect biting and chewing ability, restoring original sound functions and aesthetic face shape.

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