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Dental implantation with general anesthesia in Budapest, Hungary

Dental implantation with general anesthesia in Budapest, Hungary

Dental implantation under general anesthesia painlessly and discomfort-free

A recurring theme in our writings is how the condition of our teeth determines our general state of health. It is an essential fact that complete health is unthinkable if the teeth are neglected and incomplete. There are two ways to replace missing teeth. One of them is the traditional way, or you may choose the one-phase implant-based teeth replacement, so in principle, everyone can keep their teeth healthy. This article will discuss the most advanced tooth replacement technique known today: dental implantation with general anesthesia oral rehabilitation.

Before discussing dental implantation with general anesthesia, we must clarify what oral rehabilitation means. Oral rehabilitation treatment becomes necessary when no healthy or treatable tooth is in the oral cavity. If we only talk about one, we call it lower or upper jaw oral rehabilitation. There is no doubt that the perfect way to replace missing teeth is the dental implant because it is the best way to replace the natural tooth root. Despite this, relatively few people chose it due to the high price of implants, which significantly increases the costs of dental implant-based oral rehabilitation.

Since one-phase implant-based dentures require teamwork, all professionals involved must be equally good in their field. The saying is true about dental implants: impeccable work is possible only with the right expertise and quality materials. For example, there is no point in having an impeccably trained implantologist if he works with an averagely trained dental technician. Such a couple is probably incapable of doing quality work, especially not in the long run.

In our dental clinique, all conditions must meet for high-quality professional work. Our implant surgeons have been practicing for decades, have extensive experience, and have become experts in implant-based tooth replacement. As mentioned, dental implantation with general anesthesia requires coordinated teamwork, i.e., a well-prepared implantologist with excellent knowledge and experience is not enough. The efficiency of a system is equal to the efficiency of the weakest link. The exceptional work requires an experienced oral surgeon assistant with implantology practice, a well-equipped dental technician, and a trained and experienced dental technician.

Excellent work has additional conditions. Even a Michelin-awarded chef cannot prepare delicious food in the best-equipped kitchen if the available ingredients are of poor quality. That is also the case with dental implants. Quality work requires quality components, in this case, implants and tools. No matter how much knowledge, practice, and preparation you have, you cannot do impeccable work without these.

We are also aware of the importance of the quality of the implants, which is why we only work with high-quality, original Swiss implants and the tools necessary for implantation. These implants are impeccable products representing the latest technology; they make them of high-purity titanium alloy and last a lifetime.

There are two reasons why relatively few people use this perfect dental replacement solution. We have already touched on the high initial cost due to the high price of implants compared to traditional removable dentures. Another significant deterrent is the fear of dental implants, motivated by a perceived pain sensation. After all, the conditions for successful dental implant treatment have been met; one thing is still missing, which is none other than the patient.

No one says that dental treatment – whatever it is – is one of the pleasant activities, but the unfounded and premeditated feeling of pain is not justified either. Everything that follows is painless. We guarantee that the most unpleasant moment of implantation is the injection of the anesthetic needle! It can make you uncomfortable if the oral surgeon touches an area with new anesthetized tools. However, this does not cause pain, only bearable discomfort.

We usually do dental implantation with general anesthesia and partial or complete mouth rehabilitation treatment. Some people are so afraid of dental surgery, in this case, implant placement, that they cannot cooperate with the implantologist in any way. Dental implantation under general anesthesia is also recommended in such cases. Painless dental implantation is, of course, completely painless. The patient wakes up to find that the number of implants required for tooth replacement is in his mouth, without feeling anything.

However, this comes at a price. Anesthesia requires deep expertise, so that it may be performed only by anesthesiologists trained for this task. The price of this is usually HUF 180 per jawbone. However, in the case of oral rehabilitation, the cost of Anesthesia is included in the price of the oral rehabilitation package shown on our website!

The process of dental implantation with general anesthesia is brief as follows:
First Occasion – Implantation
– Personal consultation.
– Panoramic X-ray.
– Detailed oral exam.
– General anesthesia.
– Removal of teeth unsuitable for dental treatment.
– Preparation of the required number of one-phase implants for implantation.
– Implant implantation.
– Sampling for a long-term temporary denture(s).
– Preparation of permanent, temporary denture(s).
– The necessary control tests.

Second occasion – The making of the permanent denture(s)
– Personal consultation.
– Panoramic X-ray.
– Examination of the oral cavity, with particular regard to implants.
– Sampling for the permanent denture(s).
– Preparation of durable porcelain denture(s).
– Control tests.

No matter what kind of dental treatment we are discussing, making an appointment in advance is possible, as is customary in healthcare. It is especially beneficial for foreign patients if they can request a preliminary price quote based on a recent panoramic x-ray. In this way, the personal consultation can occur immediately before the intervention, saving travel and the associated costs and inconveniences.

The main topic of our article is dental implantation with general anesthesia, but we also talked about what we mean by oral rehabilitation. We explained the conditions for successful implant placement and that one or more implants can be placed under local anesthesia. Finally, we recommend our package prices without hidden costs, which are viewable on our website.

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