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Dental implantation, the four most common areas the use of implants

Dental implantation, the four most common areas the use of implants

What treatments are dental implantation used for?

The essential element of dental implantation is the dental implant itself. It’s a high-purity titanium alloy that the implantologist implant into the jawbone. It is an artificial tooth root that can perfectly replace the natural tooth root. Later, the dentist fixes the missing tooth, teeth, or entire denture. Implants firmly attached to the jaw bone are a safe foundation for a crown, bridge, or complete denture. Dentures are predictable and highly reliable with the development of implant surgical technology and state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging.

Dental implantation is a common and recognized method of replacing missing teeth, which gives back practical chewing ability, a self-forgetful smile, and perfect articulation. The technical and technological advances of the last decade have revolutionized dental implantation-based dentures, offering multiple options for those struggling with tooth loss.

Dental implantation can occur for various reasons, but a missing tooth or teeth replacement is involved each time. Let’s take a look at what these options are.

Replacing one missing tooth with an immediate loading implant
One reason for implanting a dental implant may be when a single tooth is missing. Then the dentist places a crown on the implant or crowns if several separate teeth are missing. Once the implant is firmly attached to the jaw bone, it serves as an artificial tooth root for the crown. In this case, it is not necessary to sacrifice healthy teeth next to the missing tooth. It is a condition that bone tissue of the right quality and quantity is available.

Dental implantation for a bridge
This solution is applicable when several teeth are missing right next to each other. One of the significant advantages is that you do not need to use a healthy tooth for the crown or bridge attached to the implant, yet it is a stable, permanent solution. The bridge attached to the implants is very similar to natural teeth in both appearance and function.

Oral rehabilitation with the one-phase implant.
The most common cause of dental implants is a full bridge, also known as a complete denture, in the upper or lower jaw, both in case of complete oral rehabilitation. In the case of a one-phase implant, this solution has several advantages, some of which are:
a) It is usable in case of significant bone deficiency.
b) It is loadable immediately after implantation, so the long-term temporary denture is attachable to the implanted implants.
c) No denture adhesive or gluing is necessary for stability.
d) It is implantable not only in the tooth bone, but also in the jaw bone and not only vertically, but also at other anglesé

Implantation for braced denture
This method is similar to the one described in the previous paragraph. The difference is that a metal frame connects to the implants, and the denture snaps onto the frame. Nowadays, this overdenture method is becoming increasingly unpopular because the denture snapped on the metal frame loses its stability over time, and the fastening clips in the denture have to replace. A denture is most commonly used when very little bone is available. The great advantage of this solution is that the dentures, implants, and gums that the patient can remove can be thoroughly cleaned.

As we have seen, implants are more likely used for four main reasons for dentures: single tooth replacement, bridge or full bridge, fixed complete dentures, and removable full dentures. Among the advantages of dental implantation, the stability of the dentures attached to them should be mentioned in the first place. It is also vital to resemble natural teeth in all respects. And finally, it is important to say it is ready quickly and a solution for life. The only downside is that it costs significantly more than traditional dentures.

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