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Dental implant prices, we work with favorable package price

Dental implant prices, we work with favorable package price

Two-phase and one-phase immediate loading dental implant prices

Before specifically talking about implant prices, a few words about dental implants themselves. It is well known that there are two accepted ways to replace missing teeth, conventional and implant-based dentures. The traditional method is to either use existing healthy teeth for fixation, such as bridges or the denture glued to the gums. Another rapidly spreading method is tooth or denture fixed on implants. Although dental implant prices are pretty high, this type of method is starting to become dominant in the field of dentures.

The one-phase IHDE immediate loading implant is a family of implants of a single type in different sizes and configurations. There are quite a few brands on the market of two-phase implants, Cortex, Alpha Bio, and Nobel Biocare. There are significant differences between the two implant families, but at the same time, they are the same: both serve to replace the natural tooth root. The prices of different dental implants are also affected by the manufacturer’s known and recognized circumstances, such as a more extended warranty.

The most critical differences between one-phase and two-phase implants
Factors influencing dental implants did the next test. t prices
It is often not easy to determine the price of the implant, more precisely, the cost of the whole implantation process. I selected a particular implant, called three implant dentists, and asked the same question everywhere. What happened was what I was expecting, which didn’t surprise me: I got three different prices.

Several factors can influence the price of the same implant. One such factor is that when someone gives an implant price, it includes the prices of those other items needed for implantation, for example, in the case of two-phase implants, the healing screw.

The implant price can be significantly affected by the guarantee provided by the institution. An extensive, longer-term warranty can increase the cost of the implant; it is still a particular implant. Most patients prefer a slightly higher price for a more extended guarantee that provides greater security.

The price of an implant can also be influenced by the reputation and recognition of an institution that determines the price. A capital institution on the Buda side, working with excellent implantologists and providing multiple services and a perfect guarantee, is likely to give the same implant at a higher price than a rural dentist, which also offers excellent benefits.

Finally, let me mention another circumstance that can significantly impact the price of the implant, namely whether it is a package price or individual pricing. Some dentists don’t show implant prices separately but the entire implantation activity, forming a so-called package price. For example, if you say that complete implantation on the upper jaw costs 1,375,000 forints, that price includes EVERYTHING.

The implant package price usually includes the cost of the implants and their implantation and everything else that comes with the implantation. Moreover, even a perfectly functioning, a long-term temporary denture is often included in the price! The package price is lower than the final amount calculated per implant.

Remaining with the example mentioned above and based on the usual implant to be implanted every 8-10 jawbones, count nine implants, 1,215,000 HUF based on the average 135,000 HUF implant price. That is ONLY the price of the implants; NO other expenses parts, accessories, and labor costs are NOT included. Compared to the package price of HUF 1,375,000 HUF 160 thousand remains, which seems to be a minimal amount and proves that it is very worthwhile to look for dentists who recommend package prices!

Dental implant prices, some specific individual and package price, at the time of writing.

Implant prices by piece
Implant (alpha bio)              550 EUR
Implant (cortex)                    550 EUR
Implant (one-phase)             590 EUR
Implant (Nobel BioCare)      800 EUR

implant prices by package
Complete lower or upper jaw          7,900.00 EUR
Complete lower and upper jaw      15,800.00 EUR
(General anesthesia is not included!)

As we have seen, dental implant prices can depend on many things. In this article, we have briefly summarized what implants exist and what circumstances can affect the price of implants. We have mentioned some of the single and package implant prices that existed while writing this article. Before deciding which dentistry to have your teeth fixed, find out about the specific costs. It is also important not to focus solely on price; other circumstances should consider, such as patient reviews about the work of particular dentistry.

It is possible that the prices in the article are no longer current, so if you are interested in the current package price, you can view it on this page.

Many other articles on the subject can be read in our Articles section, which we would like to recommend to the reader.

If you have an opinion about what we just said, let others know it in the Comment section. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.
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