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Complete Bridges on Implants Quickly with Genuine Swiss Implants

Complete Bridges on Implants Quickly with Genuine Swiss Implants

With the latest implantation technology, complete bridges on implants can be done in a few days

Having one or more missing teeth risk your oral health from facing various dental issues beyond tooth decay. You may experience speech impediments and even suffer from periodontal disease. We advise that you meet with your dentist and get your dental issue treated as soon as possible if you experience tooth loss. This will help you avoid and protect the rest of your teeth from further damage. The best solution you can have today is complete bridges on implants, let’s learn more about it.

When we talk about implant-based dentures, there are two different methods available today. One of them is the conventional two-phase the other the single-phase immediate loading implants made denture. Although both are dental implants, there is actually a significant difference between those implants as well as the implantation method. You can find out more about the differences here.

In this writing, we are talking about complete bridges fixed on one-phase immediate loading implants. This implantation method provides high-quality, complete bridges on implants. It is especially recommended for those who have lost most or all of their teeth. This way no more suffering from toothlessness and you can live a quality life again. These dentures provide the excellent capability of biting and chewing which are one of the most important functions of people.

Most dentists commonly recommend bridges on implants for a dental solution and specifically in case of jaw bone loss or major teeth damage. With his kind of implants and implantation method, the process is simpler, less painful, and it provides great advantages. Not to mention the whole process is done in or less than 5 days. With our qualified oral surgeons to aid you, you don’t just get a set of bridges, but complete bridges on implants that feel as comfortable as your natural teeth. And most importantly, it will function as it would be your own one.

Advantages of complete bridges on Swiss implants

Functional Restoration – Bridges help restore dental functionality. You will be able to bite, chew, and eat normally. Complete bridges also help bring back clarity of speech that you might have lost because of tooth decay.
Force Distribution – Bridge structure also helps equally distribute the force that is applied to the teeth while chewing something. Hence, you are able to eat properly.
Stability – Since the full-bridge is attached to 8-10 stable implants that placed securely into the jawbone, it is excluded that it will move during biting or chewing. Instability is one of the biggest disadvantages of traditional prostheses. People complain about it the most
Esthetics – Another major advantage of complete bridges on implants is that it helps restore face structure and improve your smile.
Durability and Easy Maintenance – Bridges can also last much longer than detachable dentures. And they are easier to maintain as well. You have to take care of it practically the same as if you had your own teeth.

We are here to help
With many years of experience in dental implantology and advanced implantation technologies, we are confident to provide you with the best dental solution. If you are considering getting complete bridges on implants to restore your lost teeth, iliDent can definitely help. We guarantee that your complete bridges fixed on one-phase immediate loading implants are done in 5 days or less.

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