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Advantages of one-Phase Implant - Dental Implantation

Advantages of one-Phase Implant – Dental Implantation

Advantages of a one-phase implant over two-phase ones

Among the advantages of the one-phase implant, many must know to make a meaningful decision as to whether this would be the most suitable dental implant solution for you. Among the currently known full denture options, the one-phase, immediate loading implant is the one that is becoming more and more popular due to its distinct advantages. The positives of one-phase implant and implantation are not only related to their price or applicability but also have additional benefits. To mention just one at the outset, perfectly functioning, long-term temporary dentures can be made quickly.

We recommend both one-phase and two-phase implant and implantation treatment for your patients. The oral surgeon implantologist who performs the implantation has many years of domestic and international experience. Thanks to the expertise and high-quality original implants, oral rehabilitation is complete in up to 5 working days.

Some of the advantages of the one-phase implant include the following:
– It is usable in cases of bone deficiency when two-phase ones are no longer available.
– If not significantly, but it is cheaper than two-phase.
– The one-phase implant is implantable with a shorter surgery that is less painful for the patient.
– The recovery time is only a few weeks.
– There is no 4-5 months so-called ossification time waiting, as the one-phase implant is loadable immediately.
– Consisting of a single piece, it is unnecessary to use additional elements, such as a healing screw, as with a traditional two-phase implant.
– Implants are implantable immediately after removing teeth unsuitable for treatment, thereby speeding up the process of making dentures.
– The completed, long-term temporary denture can be fully used after a week or two of increased attention.

The one-phase immediate loadable implant has one drawback, similar to other dental implants, the relatively high price! Like any other high-value product or service with the most advanced technology and materials is not. Despite the high initial cost, the price-value ratio for this type of dental restoration is excellent. The owner of a denture made in this way can be sure that he is getting a perfect product for his money that will last a lifetime.

In summary, the most important advantages of a one-phase implant are that dental implantation is somewhat cheaper and takes much less time than a tooth replacement made with a traditional two-phase implant. A very important positive is that this implant placement is usable in middle-aged and older patients suffering from a significant bone deficiency!

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